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Tips To Master Your Energy During the Harvest Full Moon

Yes, a Full Moon is right around the corner, and you’re probably already feeling its effects. September full moons are called the Harvest moon as it is the last full moon before the seasons change. This is the time that we reap the benefits of all that’s occurred since the Solstice.

Because it falls in the watery sign of Pisces, this Full Moon is a sensitive one and may trigger unresolved or unexpressed emotions. We may also feely deeply sensitive and find it hard to not absorb the emotions of the world around us. While this level of sensitivity can be difficult at times, if we allow these feelings to come and go as visitors, rather than trying to control them, we may discover that our emotions, whether they come from us or not, have a message or a lesson for us to appreciate and learn from.

Harvest Moons are cleansing, so if there is something you no longer wish to take with you into the new season, this is the perfect time to release and let it go. One of the things I recommend is doing some kind of energetic clearing work. Chakra healing, Reiki, Qigong or Pranic Healing are great modalities for this. Getting energy work from a skilled practitioner can greatly accelerate your releasing and cleansing process.

Under this Full Moon, we may also feel called to connect with our intuition and deepen our spiritual practice. If you have wanted to meditate or do some ritual work, this will be the perfect time to do so. It doesn't have to be complicated, simply putting on some relaxing music, taking long deep breaths, and setting the intention of connecting to your higher self, a spiritual guide or divine energy is sufficient. Whatever your process is, now is a good time to go within and listen to the divine messages that surface.

Overall, this particular Full Moon is set to bring new truths to the surface or bring old beliefs crashing to the ground. It’s time to let go of those old ways of thinking and being, to embrace the truth of who we are! And this energy is helping to do just this.

Don’t be alarmed if you feel more anxious, irritated or even frustrated, this moon may stir emotions or trigger feelings that need to be expressed and released. It may also guide us to venture into higher states of consciousness and to deepen our spiritual gifts.

The best way to navigate through this Full Moon is to be open to new information and new insights it may bring, remembering that life is a constant journey of learning and evolving.

When we think we have it all figured out, life comes along and shows us we still have more to learn and more to grow. This is not a shortcoming of our own but rather the process and adventure that being in a physical body brings.

Be sure to be patient with yourself in this time of heightened energy! Find what feels good and align yourself vibrationally to what is positive and uplifting!

5 Tips that you can do to master your energy during this Pisces Full Moon!

1. Ground Yourself.

With all this Pisces spiritual, watery energy in the air, it can be easy to become ungrounded. Simply sitting, walking or standing barefoot on the earth, sharing energy with a tree, getting physical exercise, or visualizing yourself rooting and connecting to the earth are great ways to ground. Setting the intention to stay grounded will do wonders for your energy during this time of the Full Moon.

2. Clear your energy field and clear your space.

I call it practicing good energy hygiene! Although its good to do this on a regular and consistent basis, clearing your personal energy and your space is particularly good to do around the time of the Full Moon. Mostly because we are more sensitive during this time and can be easily influenced by the energy and emotions of others. It's also good to intentionally release and clear energy that is no longer in service to you. This could very well include the energy of people and places that are taking up space in your field. I offer a special healing service that's perfect for this around the Full Moon.

3. Write your feelings and emotions…allow them to be expressed without judgement.

Journaling is such a powerful healing practice! This Full Moon, being the last one of the season offers us the opportunity to reflect on where we are, how far we've come since the last seasonal shift and where we want to go moving forward. It's wonderful to just allow your inner voice to express write whatever comes up and out. Don't judge it, just let the words flow, you'll be surprised at how freeing this is to your soul and how much energy it actually liberates.

4. Find time to connect with the Divine.

Meditate, Breathe, Dance, Do Ritual, Pray, Commune with Nature... whatever your process is of connecting to Spirit and something greater, do that! Full moons bring lots of heightened awareness, and with this being a Pisces Full Moon, that's amplified even more. SO make sure to create time to connect with the Divine. Ask questions and listen to the spiritual guidance that comes. Remember that we are never alone and Spirit is always listening and guiding us. We only have to tune in and tap in.

5. Be patient with yourself!

Transformation may not always be easy or pretty. Find appreciation in exactly where you are! Let your heart be open to give yourself love and compassion. You got this! Know that you are deeply loved and supported.

For more Tips on ways to master your energy, check out my YouTube video.

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