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10 Tips for Maximizing the Eclipse Energy In the Air:

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

It's eclipse season once again! Last week we experienced a powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse and in another week, we'll experience a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. All eclipses bring with them big shifts! They help us to see what's been hidden that needs to be released for our highest good. If we do the inner work, they'll help to expand our collective consciousness and raise our personal vibration. Eclipses serve as catalysts that help us break free from the thoughts, beliefs, and outdated energies that hold us back, so that we can be in better alignment with our Soul and its divine mission in this life. You may feel a bit uncomfortable as these old ways of being and cycles are dying off, this is normal. Understand that a rebirth is occurring and the more we can surrender to it, without resisting, the more easier it will be. Great things are in store as we collectively move towards a more heart-centered way of being. Here are 10 ways you can maximize the current eclipse and retrograde energy that's in the air!

1. Follow your gut instinct! Trust your intuition. Don't let your mind over-analyze and think you out of your blessings. The mind wants to process, but your intuition knows best!

2. Be sure to allow time for self-care and nurture yourself during this time. Get proper rest, exercise, eat nutritious foods, and spend time in nature.

3. Let go of toxicity! Whether it be certain foods, thoughts, or creating boundaries with toxic people, this is the time to keep your energy body clean and clear negative influences.

4. Keep your vibration and spirit high. Align with people and activities that you love. Find what feels good and do more of that! Also be open to create something new!

5. Simplify your schedule if possible and avoid spreading yourself too thin. Delegate and ask for support where necessary.

6. Make time for meditation (reflection) and affirmations. Meditation allows you to be present and to gain clarity on what direction is best for you at this moment. Affirmations work to bring your desires into your reality.

7. Speak your intentions out loud and write them down. Writing helps to bring the immaterial (thought) into the material world (manifestation).

8. Hydrate yourself properly and get near water if possible. (Listening to waves or water sounds is great too). Water is a magical cleansing tool, especially right now, since we're in Cancer season.

9. Don't be afraid to connect to your emotions. Your emotions are spiritual messengers. Get clear on how you wish to feel just as much as the things you want to do over the next six months. (The effects of this eclipse energy will be with us over the next six months or so.)

10. Embrace the power of your feminine energy and the tenderness within. Love is the most powerful healing force on the planet. Find balance between the masculine fire energy and the feminine water energy within yourself right now.

Bonus Tip:

Do your energy work! Whether it's Qigong, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Yoga, Chakra Balancing, etc, you want to make sure you're getting in your energetic self- care. It's crucial during these times of great shifts to connect to your energy body and to make sure your chakras, aura, and energy channels are staying clean. Having good energy hygiene makes you more receptive to higher frequencies and allows you to move through these times of transition with more grace and ease! If you'd like support and energetic assistance with cleansing and releasing, I invite you to schedule a session with me at As a Reiki Master and Energy Healer of over 12 years, I offer many services in which I can help you cleanse, balance, circulate, and harmonize your energy. Consider trying a Full Moon Cleansing and Releasing Session to harness the energy of this upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

Remember to lead with love and follow your heart! So many Miracles and Manifestations are in store! Infinite Blessings to You All!

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