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Qigong and Watermelon, 6 Things They Have In Common

So I was sitting here eating my dinner, this delicious plate of watermelon, and I couldn’t help but think about the similarities between watermelon and Qigong. I know you may be thinking what is she talking about? As a Qigong teacher, my mind is often dancing around how things relate to the subject. Energy is everything right? Anyhow, you may not see the connection yet, but just follow me for a moment.

For those of you who don’t know what Qigong is, the easiest translation of it is “energy work”. Pronounced "chee kung," qigong is one of the pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine that combines meditation, controlled breathing, and movement to balance the flow of energy (qi), or life force within the body. Both Qigong and watermelon are good for your health, this is pretty obvious, but let’s see how. Here are some of the benefits of which they both share:

1. Improve Kidney Health and Function

Watermelon is probably most known for its role in kidney and urinary health. Mostly because it’s 90% water and is loaded with phytonutrients like lycopene that make our kidneys happy. Doing Qigong also improves kidney health, especially when there’s the intention to do so. The health of the kidneys is vital to the health of the overall body and there are dozens of exercises that target tonifying and strengthening the kidney Qi. One of my favorites is the kidney breathing exercise.

2. Increase Sexual Vitality

Speaking of kidney health, in Qigong, the kidneys are known to be the seat of jing. Jing is our sexual energy. Watermelon is known to increase libido and sexual vitality in both men and women. By working to move blocked and stagnant energy, Qigong does the same. There’s a whole practice known as Taoist Tantric Qigong that focuses on cultivating, circulating, and transmuting one’s sexual energy! You could say that both watermelon and Qigong makes one juicy!

3. Lowers Blood Pressure

Watermelon’s Lycopene is said to play a role in lowering blood pressure. Studies show that regular Qigong practice also regulates blood pressure and improves circulation and cardiovascular health overall.

Teaching Qigong at the Keep Your Sexy Sacred Retreat in Port St. Lucy, Fl

4. Improves Digestion

Both Watermelon and Qigong work to improve digestion. The water and fiber content in watermelon makes it a great food to keep things moving if you know what I mean. There are medical Qigong exercises that work to improve the flow of Qi through the spleen, stomach and pancreas which keeps the digestive system and brain healthy.

5. Lowers Inflammation

A recent study done on cancer patients who practiced regular Qigong, showed reduced levels of inflammatory markers, basically saying it was found to lower inflammation in the body. Watermelon too has been shown to lower inflammation as well as oxidative stress in the body. It contains a plant compound called Cucurbitacin E that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

6. Improves Immune Function

Qigong prevents energy stagnation and depletion that often leads to disease. Qi cultivation works to improve the overall function of the immune system allowing it to work more efficiently. Watermelon’s high vitamin and mineral content particularly vitamin A & C, and lycopene are great for immune health.

So as you can see, watermelon and Qigong do have a lot in common! Ingesting Qi daily is a good practice and it’s free. No shade to watermelon. It can be as simple as tuning into your breath and consciously directing the Qi into various parts of your body. Qigong is essentially a moving meditation that improves just about every aspect of your life...and easy to learn. It’s mind, body, and spirit benefits are tremendous! Don’t take my word for it, just ask google. Or better yet, try it for yourself! The magic is in the practice. So why not give it a try?

If you want to do a deep dive into the science and mystery of Qigong, you should join me August 11th -17th for the Qigong of Inner Empowerment Retreat hosted by Wayne B. Chandler and I in Negril, Jamaica! It’s going to be a transformational experience, to say the least! If you're ready to expand your consciousness, elevate your frequency, and create some powerful shifts in your life, visit for more information. And because I truly care, I’ll make sure that we have lots of watermelon there!

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