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Sister Amour-Healing in Community

Sister Armor, Healing in Community is a collaboration of women whose lives have been their canvas. This book is full of raw and vulnerable stories from brave teachers, facilitators, and healers operating within a community. Within these stories, we share challenging and uncertain times each of us faced in our lives. We share our lessons learned and opportunities for us to unravel through self-discovery, drop limiting beliefs, realign, heal, and transform ourselves through self-acceptance and love.

I think readers will find words of inspiration, encouragement, and reflections to uplift them no matter where they are in their lives.

"You'll feel held in these pages. You'll feel the permission to finally live the life you know is waiting for you, past the fear. You'll feel those things because the authors are trailblazers of that courage and love."

Sister Amour-Healing in Community

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