"These services are aimed at nurturing the most sacred part of a woman- our womb center"

–Nicole Jackson, Your Holistic Health Coach

Women's Healing Services

These services are aimed at nurturing the most sacred part of a woman- our womb center. It's time to cultivate our feminine essence, heal past pain/trauma, and empower ourselves through nourishing our wombs. I'm a testament to the healing power of yoni steams, womb massage and womb reiki. I struggled with painful periods most of my life until I began to nurture my womb on a regular basis. If you're experiencing heavy periods, cramps, fibroids or cysts or even infertility, these services are here to bring your womb back into its rightful alignment.


Our birthright is to embody a womb free of pain, toxic energy and dis-ease. Our wombs are the seat of all creation. It is the source from which all things are birthed, including your ideas, projects, businesses, art, and more. If our wombs are not in good health, our life will reflect this in some way. Regular self-care and womb care are essential for women to fully live as their highest possibility and Healthy Soul Wellness honors the importance of womb health in total mind-body-spirit wellbeing. 

Here is a list of our Women's Healing Services!

Yoni Steam

When you get a Yoni Steam, you feel like a queen mounted upon her throne. This practice, also known as a womb steam or sauna, is a healing, herbal, treatment that works to bring balance and harmony to the womb. The word Yoni is Sanskrit for vagina.  Although Yoni Steaming has recently become more popular in the western world, it's actually an ancient practice that has helped women for thousands of years across the globe restore harmony to their reproductive organs through various cycles in their lives.


During a session, specific herbs are used based on the needs of the client, to enhance reproductive health, increase vitality, restore hormonal balance and awaken libido. Yoni steaming offers benefits for women struggling with fertility, cysts, fibroids, heavy menstrual cycles, and PCOS. It's also very helpful in releasing trauma stored in the uterine, ovarian, and vaginal tissues. Once you experience a Yoni Steam, you'll ask yourself, "Why haven't I done this sooner?" You'll leave this session feeling super relaxed, with a deeper, more intimate connection to your womb and yoni.  You'll definitely want to add this to your self-care regimen!

Energy Womb Clearing

This special energy clearing technique that I created to remove energy blockages and emotional trauma or toxins that are stored in the womb. In this non-touch treatment, we work energetically on the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and the yoni (vagina) to release negative energy that could be affecting your reproductive and sexual health.

Unfortunately, most of us as women have experienced some sort of sexual trauma in our lives. The recent "Me too" movement has brought awareness to the epidemic of sexual assault happening in the world. Having a good womb clearing session can be especially helpful for any woman who has been sexually assaulted, abused, or has experienced miscarriage or abortion. An EWC also removes the energetic signatures of past lovers from your womb. Most women are not aware that our wombs are like sponges and absorb the energy of our lover's through sexual intimacy. You might be carrying the energy of several men at any given time in your womb if you've never released their energy.  


This could be troublesome if you're trying to establish a healthy, monogamous relationship, conceive, or just move on in your life.  The energy imprints of past lovers attached to your womb could actually be inhibiting you. Having an Energetic Womb Clearing Session is something most women can benefit from, and it's also a wonderful way to self-care. 

Womb Massage

This Massage combines deep therapeutic touch with soothing abdominal massage.  This massage is cleansing and detoxifying physically and emotionally, leaving you with a deep sense of mental peace. Physical touch encourages the body to release oxytocin, contributing to increased pleasure.  

This ancient art enhances digestion, decreases bloating and weight gain around the abdomen renews reproductive circulation, and tones the pelvic floor.  Regular practice supports hormone balance, womb alignment, well-being, relaxation, and self-empowerment. 

Sacred Femininity Session

In this unique session, you'll learn several of the Tao Tantric Arts practices that are designed to open the heart and melt down any hard, defensive layers so that the healing can be received more fully.  


During this 90-minute session, we'll begin by learning the Inner Smile meditation, and shift mind, the heart and the yoni into a more loving space.  Together we'll also go over some breast massage techniques to awaken the creative and sexual energy, activate the yoni & balance your hormones.  

Breast massage also helps to strengthen the connection between the heart and yoni. In this Sacred Femininity Session, you'll learn one of my favorite energy clearing techniques known as the "Wands of Light". This powerful technique helps release and transmute negative energy stored in the uterus, ovaries, and yoni and transmute it into more positive, loving and radiant energy.

This exercise is extremely effective at releasing lower-vibrating emotions such anger, frustration, grief, jealousy, worry, and fear from your womb. These emotions over time can lead to physical dysfunction or even dis-ease in the body. 

And if that wasn't enough, you'll learn a few "Yoni Toning" techniques, where you'll learn to activate the three rings and reflex points of your vagina.  This is a fun practice that not only helps to strengthen your yoni but also activates sexual energy and sublimates it into a higher more refined nature. You'll leave the session with a basic understanding of the how to move energy through your channels for healing, vitality, and orgasmic bliss.

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What Customers Are Saying

"I have worked with Nicole Jackson on several occasions within the last few years. On my retreats, she has been an invaluable source of information, direction and guidance. As a healer and massage therapist I find her skills exemplary and unique in the sense that she has studied several powerful healing modalities and has found a way to blend and integrate them into her everyday professional practice as well as her practical daily life. She is a living example of one who walks the talk that they issue forth to those she instructs."

—Wayne B. Chandler, Owner,

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