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"These services are aimed at nurturing the most sacred part of a woman- our womb center"

–Nicole Jackson, Your Holistic Health Coach

Women's Healing Services

These services are aimed at nurturing the most sacred part of a woman- our womb center. It's time to cultivate our feminine essence, heal past pain/trauma, and empower ourselves through nourishing our wombs. I'm a testament to the healing power of yoni steams, womb massage and womb reiki. I struggled with painful periods most of my life until I began to nurture my womb on a regular basis. If you're experiencing heavy periods, cramps, fibroids or cysts or even infertility, these services are here to bring your womb back into its rightful alignment.


Our birthright is to embody a womb free of pain, toxic energy and dis-ease. Our wombs are the seat of all creation. It is the source from which all things are birthed, including your ideas, projects, businesses, art, and more. If our wombs are not in good health, our life will reflect this in some way. Regular self-care and womb care are essential for women to fully live as their highest possibility and Healthy Soul Wellness honors the importance of womb health in total mind-body-spirit wellbeing. 

Here is a list of our Women's Healing Services!

Image by William Farlow
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