"Self-Care isn't just something that you do every once, it should be a consistent, loving practice"

–Nicole Jackson, Your Holistic Health Coach


Self-Care isn't just something that you do every once and a while, it should be a consistent, loving practice. Because we want you to nurture yourself as much as possible, we offer packages to help save you money while giving yourself the Self-Care that you deserve! 

Remember good health is your greatest wealth! When you invest in your own well-being, everyone around you wins. 


Check Out Our Service Packages!

Melt Away Tension and Stress with our Massage Packages

3 one-hour massage sessions for $259. 

  • Over a $50 savings on the price of 3 sixty- minute massage sessions.

3 ninety-minute massage sessions for $349. 

  • Over a $50 savings on the price of 3 ninety-minute massage sessions


Elevate Your Vibration with our Energy Healing Packages

3 one-hour energy sessions for $249.

  • Choose from (reiki, pranic healing, chakra balancing) 

  • Over a $60 savings on 3 healing sessions 

*Energy healing sessions are typically done distantly via skype, zoom, or similar media. You can relax and feel the healing effects wherever you are.


Nurture Your Sacred Center with our Yoni-Steam Package

3 one-hour vaginal steam sessions for $239.

  • Over a $40 savings on 3 sessions.

*Recommended to do at least once a month for best results. All steam sessions are done in-home.



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We offer a variety of Healing and Coaching modalities to help you reach your wellness goals and feel your personal best!


What Customers Are Saying

"I have worked with Nicole Jackson on several occasions within the last few years. On my retreats, she has been an invaluable source of information, direction and guidance. As a healer and massage therapist I find her skills exemplary and unique in the sense that she has studied several powerful healing modalities and has found a way to blend and integrate them into her everyday professional practice as well as her practical daily life. She is a living example of one who walks the talk that they issue forth to those she instructs."

—Wayne B. Chandler, Owner,

WBI: Alternative Strategies in Energy

Medicine and Vibrational Re-Patterning