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How To Cleanse and Charge your Crystals With The Full Moon Light

By Nicole Jackson

Greetings Crystal Lovers! So first I'd like to start off by saying that there are many ways to cleanse your crystals. Some of these methods include: Burning sage or incense, rinsing them with water, bathing them in salt water, exposing them to sunlight or even burying them in the earth. You can also use pranic energy or reiki to do so. These are all effective ways! As as a genuine lover of crystals, and energetic healer, I've tried them all! However, in my humble opinion, one of the best ways to cleanse and charge your crystals is using the full moon energy!

The moon is a powerful source of life-force energy. It has a soft, yet dynamic energy with a feminine edge. It's vibration is highly magnetic, making it wonderful source to charge your crystals with your intentions, but I'll get to that shortly. For now, just trust me when I say, the best way to cleanse and charge your crystals simultaneously is with the energy of the full moon.

So why do we even need to clean our crystals?

I'm so glad you asked. Crystals are like sponges and can become full of dirty energy over time. By their intricate design they are always absorbing, storing and emitting energy... just like us! Crystals can pick up psychic energy in the air, this includes the frequencies of thoughts and emotions, both positive and negative. If your stones are located in a "energetically unclean" environment or especially if have used your crystals for healing in any way- it's likely that they need a good cleansing. The frequency of which you should cleanse them depends mostly on how you're using them. Go with your intuition! The stone will often let you know when it needs cleansing. It may feel energetically heavy or you're likely to just get the sense its time. Generally its good to cleanse them at a couple times a month, and more frequently if you're wearing them or using them for healing. So why not take advantage of the power of the full moon?

The Process- How To Do It!

Here is a simple 4 step way to cleanse and charge your crystals during the full moon.

1. Collect the crystals you'd like to moon-bathe and lay them out. You can put them in a large bowl or lay them out on a flat surface. I like to use a strainer type bowl because it has holes or slats in it which makes it good for grounding. Ideally your crystals liked to be placed on the earth so that they can harmonize with the earth's frequency. If you can't place them on the earth, a windowsill or a natural surface like wood or a balcony works just fine. Having the crystals in the moonlight is the most important thing and you want to leave them out overnight so that they get as much of the moon's vibes as possible. And it doesn't matter if its cloudy, the energy will still do it do, despite an overcast.

2. Next you want to verbally or mentally instruct the crystals to release the dirty, negative or lower vibrating energy that it may be carrying. Remember that your stones are conscious. They understand the language of vibration and will follow your instructions. If you tell them to release the dirty prana, then they will do it. I have scanned my stones before and after instructing them, and there is indeed a significant shift in the energy! Instructing your crystals could sound something like this, "Crystals please release any negative and toxic chi/prana/energy (I use these terms interchangeably- they are essentially the same) that you are storing. May this energy be disintegrated by the radiant energy of the moon." And bam! It's that simple.

3. Now for the charging. Once you've instructed your crystals to cleanse themselves in the moonlight, next you can instruct your crystals to charge themselves in the moonlight. You could say something similar as this, "Crystals when you are finished releasing, please absorb the full moon's energy until you are completely full. Only absorb clean, healthy prana. Now your stones are all set to receive the healing and powerful vibrations of the moon in an even fuller way. Allow the crystals to absorb the moon's energy over night for best results.

*Tip: If you want your stones to vibrate even higher, you can project energy from your hands while taking slow rhythmic breaths. Simply hold your hands over the stones and, focus on your breathing. Breathing with your crystals is a great way to supercharge the stones. A simple formula is to inhale for the count of 6 hold for a count of 3 and exhale for a count of 6, and repeat. After a few rounds of breathing, hold your hands over your stones and imagine rays of violet light emanating from your palms into them. This alone can cleanse and charge your crystals when you need a quick fix.

4. Now that your crystals are supercharged, the last step would be to program your intentions into the crystals. How would you like your crystals to serve you over the next moon cycle? Perhaps you have a particular goal you'd like to accomplish, or want to boost your clarity, confidence, vitality, etc. Perhaps you'd like your stones to help you manifest something that you need or desire. You speak your intentions or just mentally project them to your crystals. Remember they speak the language of energy, so it's the vibration of your thoughts and/or words that they are receiving. Whatever it is, ask with a sincere heart and always express gratitude for their energetic assistance.

Enjoy the vibrations of your supercharged stones! Happy manifesting! Happy Full Moon!!

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